Buy Fresh Chestnuts Online

Nov 9, 2021  - Our chestnut harvest is done. We have no more chestnuts in stock. 

Buy fresh chestnuts here at our online store where you are purchasing fresh chestnuts directly from us, the chestnut farmer. The fresh chestnuts you purchase from us are hand harvested and packaged so the chestnuts you receive are of the highest quality. We use best practices methods to manage the orchard and the delivery of the fresh chestnuts to you. Our most important best practice is to help you enjoy chestnuts to their fullest. We look forward to being your chestnut farm of choice when you are in the market for fresh chestnuts. We ship chestnuts to anywhere in the USA

Enjoying fresh chestnuts in your diet is a great choice. Chestnuts are low in fat, gluten free, high in fiber, and they taste great. It is hard to find a better tasting food item than fresh chestnuts. Chestnuts are also a very versatile ingredient for many types of dishes aside from just eating it fresh from the roaster. From soups to salads, main dishes, and even deserts, chestnuts can be a part of each and every one. To get started using chestnuts in your culinary dishes, order some chestnuts right from the farm where the chestnuts are grown. You can use this web site to place your order or you can call us at (360) 966-7158.