These chestnut trees are selected to perform best anywhere in the western states of CA, ID, OR, and WA. The three grafted trees will provide high quality chestnuts, a perfect combination for those wishing fresh chestnuts over an extended harvest period. This bundle of trees has one grafted Basalta #3 chestnut tree, one Prococe Migoule grafted chestnut tree, and one Belle Epine grafted chestnut tree. This group of chestnut trees are know for their growth performance and quality of nut production under varying growing conditions. These trees should be able to survive winter colds to -15F. The trees are known for their large excellent chestnuts they produce. All of these chestnut trees produce pollen.

Full description of the Basalta #3 chestnut tree

Full description of the Prococe Migoule chestnut tree

Full description of the Belle Epine chestnut tree

(Delivery Dec 2018 through March 2019)

West Coast Chestnut Tree Orchard

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