Bouche de Betizac seedling chestnut tree, 2 year old, is a tree produced from a chestnut harvested from a Bouche de Betizac chestnut tree. The height to width of the mother tree is 1' up for 1' out. Nut fall of the mother tree is usually early to mid October.

The Bouche de Betizac chestnut tree of European x Japanese hybrid cultivar producing large sized chestnut trees with heights reaching 60 feet or more and spread 25-35 feet wide. The tree can be kept pruned to the size that fits your location. Winter cold/freeze damage can occur when winter temps drop below -15 F. Root rot resistance is good. To produce nuts you will need at least 2 trees with one of them being a different cultivar producing pollen (For Pacific Northwest growers these cultivars can be used as pollinators Marival, Bisalta #3, Marigoule, Marsol, Szego, Okie, Regina Montis, Yooma).
(Delivery Dec 2020 - March 2021)

Pedigree of the mother tree: sativa * crenata
Origin: Italy
Chestnut blight susceptible: Yes
Bloom time: Mid season
Median female flowers per blooming branch: 2
Maximum female flowers per blooming branch: 5
Tree growth habit: fast growing upright
Harvest: Mid season
Nut per lb: Seedlings are highly variable
Nuts per burr: Usually 3
Production: Not widely grown - large consistent producer 
Pellicle: Seedlings are highly variable
Split kernels: Seedlings are highly variable
Pollen: Seedlings are highly variable
Cold Hardy: -15F

Chestnut Seedling Trees from Bouche de Betizac seeds 2 Year Old - Bundle of 10 Trees

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