• Chinese Chestnut Seedling Tree

Chestnut tree tree propagated from a seed, sprouted, and grown for a year to make a seedling chestnut tree with the genetic traits of the Chinese mother chestnut tree.

The tree can be kept pruned to the size that fits your location. Winter cold/freeze damage can occur when winter temps drop below -25 F. Chestnut blight resistance is good. To produce nuts you will need at least 2 of these seedling trees. These trees like warm/hot summers with sandy loam soils. Minimum height 30" (Delivery Dec 2019 - March 2020)

Pedigree: Castanea mollissima
Origin: China
Chestnut blight susceptible: No
Bloom time: Mid season
Median female flowers per blooming branch: 3
Maximum female flowers per blooming branch: 5
Tree growth habit: fast growing with medium height
Harvest: Mid season
Nut per lb: 24 - 32
Nuts per burr: Usually 3
Production: Seedlings chestnut trees are highly variable in size and productivity
Pellicle: Easy 
Split kernels: Some
Pollen: Good pollinator
Cold Hardy: -25F

Chinese Chestnut Seedling Tree

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