American Chestnut tree (pure - not hybridiized). Winter hardy to -30 F. You need at least 2 trees to produce nuts. Seedling will start producing chestnuts in as soon as 5 years to more than 10 years.

American chestnut trees can grow to 80 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Can live for hundreds of years. Requires full sunlight to produce nuts. (Availability Dec 2019)

Pedigree: Castanea dentata
Origin: North America
Chestnut blight susceptible: Yes
Bloom time: Late season
Median female flowers per blooming branch: 3
Maximum female flowers per blooming branch: 7
Tree growth habit: fast growing upright
Harvest: Late season
Nut per lb: 32 - 50
Nuts per burr: Usually 3
Production: Varies from year to year
Pellicle: Varies based on growing condition
Split kernels: Some
Pollen: Good pollinator
Cold Hardy: -25F

American Chestnut Tree < 3 ft

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