Okie chestnut tree (Grafted) - This hybrid chestnut tree produces a very large nut, one of the biggest chestnuts any chestnut tree produces. It is also one of the best pollinators for the Colossal chestnut trees, as well as any other chestnut tree with a early to mid season bloom. The tree is a little more spreading than the Colossal chestnut tree but left to grow it can reach heights of over 50 feet. Nuts have more splits than other pollinators such as Maraval and Prococe Migoule.

Okie is not as cold hardy as Colossal and may experience winter kill in some of the colder parts of the USA. In Northwest Washington state, Okie has never had any cold damage.

(Availability Dec 2019 - May 2020)

Pedigree: crenata * pumila (Allegheny Chinquapin)
Origin: North America - UC Davis
Chestnut blight susceptible: Unknown
Bloom time: Mid season - matching Colossal
Median female flowers per blooming branch: 2
Maximum female flowers per blooming branch: 4
Tree growth habit: fast growing with medium height
Harvest: Mid season
Nut per lb: 17
Nuts per burr: Usually 3
Production: Not widely grown. Produces very large light brown nuts with some nuts having cracks in the shell - cooler climates nut set is variable. In the California central valley it produces very large nuts.
Pellicle: Easy with occasional intrusion into the kernel
Split kernels: Some
Pollen: Excellent pollinator
Cold Hardy: -15F

Okie Chestnut Grafted Tree

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