Judea grafted chestnut tree is a one of our top producing trees in pounds per tree and producing a very beautiful looking chestnut (sorry no pictures of the nuts yet). This is a poor pollen producing chestnut tree. Nut production is excellent of large chestnuts that fall free from the burr starting at the age of 2-3 years. Nut fall is usually late October to early November - the last to drop it nuts in the fall. Nut quality is excellant and holds very well in storage.

The Judea chestnut tree a Portugal cultivar producing large sized chestnut trees with heights reaching 60 feet or more and 25-35 feet wide. The tree can be kept pruned to the size that fits your location. Winter cold/freeze damage can occur when winter temps drop below -15 F. To produce nuts you will need at least 2 trees with one of them being a different cultivar producing pollen (For Pacific coast growers these cultivars can be used as pollinators Marival, Basalta #3, Marigoule, Marsol, and Prococe Migoule).

(Availability Delivery Dec 2020 - March 2021)

Pedigree: sativa
Origin: Portugal
Chestnut blight susceptible: Yes
Bloom time: Mid to late season
Median female flowers: 2
Maximum female flowers: 4
Tree growth habit: Fast growing with medium height
Harvest: late season - one of the latest to drop
Nut per lb: 20 - 24
Production: Medium
Pellicle: Thin and easy to peal
Split kernels: None
Pollen: Poor pollen producer
Cold Hardy: -15F

Judea Chestnut Grafted Tree

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