Chestnut Trees - Seedlings

We offer both seedling and grafted chestnut trees for sale. All of these chestnut trees have been tested for good to excellent nut production in most of the USA (lower 48 states). We have over 30 different cultivars in our nursery to fit most any growing conditions, growth characteristics, and nut quality.

For information on how to grow chestnut trees go to:

We are in full compliance to the Department of Ag and can ship to any state in the USA except Florida and Arizona.

Chestnut trees are not recommended for these states: AK, HI, MT, MN, ND, SD, and northern WI.

Chinese Chestnut Seedling Tree

Chinese Chestnut Seedling Tree

Chestnut tree tree propagated from a seed, sprouted, and grown for a year to make a seedling chest..


American Chestnut Tree <  3 ft

American Chestnut Tree < 3 ft

American Chestnut tree (pure - not hybridiized). Winter hardy to -30 F. You need at least 2 trees ..


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