Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Specifications: All prices are in US Dollars, and do not include freight and handling charges, state or federal taxes, import duties, brokerage fees or any other fees imposed by a third party for handling of the shipment. Whenever possible, we will attempt to contact the buyer before shipping if an item has changed.

Paypal payments are accepted with the following conditions:

1. Chestnut trees are ordered and paid for at the time the order is placed. The trees will be shipped when available, in some cases the delay between order placement and shipment is in excess of 30 days.

2. Shipping fees may need to be adjusted for chestnut tree orders due to the size of the trees and other factors shippers use to rate shipments. If additional shipping fees are required when your order has been boxed up an additional Paypal invoice will be sent to you to collect the additional shipping costs.

Exclusive Warranty & Limitation Of Remedies & Damages: Products sold from BuyFreshChestnuts.com are sold "As is" because chestnuts are a perishable.  Products are not returnable due to Department of Ag quarantine laws. BuyFreshChestnuts.com SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO LABOR COSTS OR LOSS OF PROFITS ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE PRODUCTS PURCHASED FROM BuyFreshChestnuts.com.

Shipping Policy: All products are shipped from stock FOB from Everson, WA. We ship UPS and USPS. Items may be shipped by US Priority Mail, Next Day, or Two Day Service is available on telephone orders placed before 10:00 AM PT. BuyFreshChestnuts.com makes no delivery time guarantees. Paying for air shipping simply means that an order will be shipped by air, not that it will arrive on a certain day. Pickup times and backlogs necessitate this clause. BuyFreshChestnuts.com assumes no liability for a carriers inability to pick up an express order because of bad weather or any other condition. No international orders are accepted.

Damaged Shipments: Shipping accidents do occur. If damage has occurred, please call us immediately with the invoice number and tracking number of the package. Please note the condition of the packaging and retain it in case the shipper requires an inspection. Our responsibility for damage ceases when the carrier accepts the shipment, please contact the carrier to make damage claims. 

Returning Goods: As a general rule we can not have products returned to us because of a chestnut plant quarantine in Washington state. The quarantine covers nuts, trees, seeds, wood products, scion/bud wood. Simply, if it came from a chestnut tree, it can not be sent back.